A close call & a deep breath

As parents we make rules to protect our children and sometimes we forget that the rule we made is to protect them – thinking how much that piece of furniture cost us and shifting the focus to the material item instead. When we should be explaining that we don’t want them leaning on a keyboard tray because they could get hurt, we may be sending the message that we don’t want them leaning on the keyboard tray because it will tear up the desk. While I want to impart to my children that they should take care of their belongings, I don’t want them to place more value on belongings than on people or heaven forbid, make them think I care more about a desk than I do about them. The emphasis in the lesson should be on their well-being and when everyone is healthy and money is tight, we don’t always think about (we are only human after all) where we are placing the emphasis, taking for granted that our children understand.

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