Bringing Tech into Fiber

I know, I know, I neglect my personal blog something awful. I have some good excuses, I’ve been really *really* busy. I’ve got a campaign running on Funrazr & if you can help, I will be forever grateful – see the info in the last half of this post to learn more.

We just got back from Maker Faire KC and it was a blast. I am already trying to figure out how to come up with a new build for next year. Boy Genius (oldest son) built a mascot head for the booth and held boogie court all over Maker Faire. He built the head from paper mache, foam insulation, MDF, aluminum knitting needles, cardboard, polymer clay, and Styrofoam. I love his art.


My pride and joy from Maker Faire was the handspun circuit. I used conductive thread, super bright LEDs and a 3 volt battery to spin it. I didn’t want just yarn that lit up, the geek in me needed a true simple circuit. I am working on a tutorial now & working on designing a gaudy sweater of my own to incorporate the lights. Move over ugly Christmas sweaters!

Adding to the busy has been a lot of family health crisis’s. It’s hard watching my family age & trying to be there for them as much as possible while still raising kids and working 12-16 hour days. I’ve been working on process improvement for my yarn & fiber dyeing (I’m a bit of an efficiency geek) but have discovered that in order to get the equipment I need, I will need commercial space to install it. I had planned on opening a studio before the end of the year but with the recent events I had to kick up that date.

The open source lover in me plans for the space to be more than just where I work, I hope to open it up for fiber classes like dyeing and spinning, fiber carder use, and I hope individuals and fiber groups will use it for their knit or crochet meetup nights. Since everything I do is geekcentric I would like to host some game nights as well. To do all this I could use some help, I’ve started a campaign on Fundrazr to help us with the funds we need to be able to convert a space and install equipment. Any little bit helps, even just sharing the word. If we can get to the half way mark we can get started on the work.

I will be forever grateful to the maker community, the open source community, and the fiber community & feel privileged to have had the joy to be a part of them.