I Have Hope

I haven’t lost faith in humanity, but I sure am reflecting on where I might have failed it. When might I have been too disapproving, too judgmental, too busy to take time for another human being and given them justification to make poor decisions, to hate, or to give up hope?

My heart was broken today & I cry for families I will never know. I am hugging my children a little tighter but I am not afraid for them. I am full of hope for them. I hope I have raised them to become amazing adults and I hope they are able to grow up and reach their potential. I hope they become people who make decisions to reflect positively on other people’s lives.

I cannot fathom what could have been going on in the young man’s mind that made his course of action seem reasonable enough to go through with it however, I wonder who I might have negatively affected in my movements in the world that I could have instead left a bit of better on.

Everyone has a story and we don’t know what those are. Let’s react with compassion towards our fellow human beings instead of disapproval. A smile, a nod, and moment to listen, to hold the door, to realize we might not be the only one having a bad day. Make a difference to someone else today, treat them as you hope to be treated even if you feel like they don’t deserve it. You might be saving someone’s life or maybe just making their day. Give someone some hope. We can’t save everyone but maybe we can make a difference, even if it is just a small one.

3 responses to “I Have Hope

  1. Well said, Christa. Very thoughtful response to this kind of tragedy that hits us hard as parents.
    I like your reminder that we can choose to light a candle rather than curse the darkness.
    I’m too distant to help the community affected, but I can be purposeful in seeking to serve my own neighbors.
    Blessings to you and yours.

    • I cannot fathom how devastating it is to lose a child but we can help one another heal. Thank you for your comments & thoughts, I am blessed to know such wonderful people. Blessings to you, your family and loved ones.

  2. I am heartbroken by this senseless tragedy. I too will be thoughtful in my words and actions with others. To not only show others their worth and value, but to show my family every day how valuable and loved they are. Thank you for bringing hopeand love to the forefront in the face of this terrible crisis! Love and hugs to you and your wonderful family! I miss you all!(even big E but don’t tell him) 😉

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