Hat Update

Jayne HatThis post was originally posted on Life on Main.

The hat was too big even for oldest boy child so I had to rip it out and start over. No worries though, I wrote up the whole thing so I can make another from the left overs, yay!

Here it is, pretty cunning don’t you think?

And the rough notes (I will clean these up when I do a second and confirm the pattern):


Super bulky yarn in Jayne’s Hat colors

US Size 10.5 needles and US size 11 needles

US size 10.5 – cast on 48 join in round
k1p1 4 rows
switch to 11 needles
k for 2 inches
k4 rows yellow begin decreases
k2tog, k6 repeat
k2tog, k5 repeat
k2tog, k4 repeat
k2tog, k3 repeat
k2tog, k2 repeat
k2tog, k1 repeat
k2tog around
tie off

Now make earflaps

pick up 10 more towards back, not centered
k 12ish rows (I may have only knit 10, I will confirm when I make another, use your judgement on it)
k2tog k k2tog
p across
k2tog k k2tog
p2tog p p2tog
k2tog k2tog
leave string & unravel a bit

make a haphazard pompom – jayne’s mom’s wasn’t perfect & yours shouldn’t be either.