Review: Nokia n900

Not too long ago I was sent a Nokia n900 to try out for a few weeks and review. It’s hot, I can tell you that, and I totally want one of my own. It has taken me a while to write my review though because I didn’t just want to cover a bunch of tech specs that you can look up. If you are even considering a n900, you already know what it can do, or at least you should if you are considering dropping over $500 on a smart phone.

So here is my ramble – it’s got a fabulous 5 megapixel camera with a dual led flash (I loved the camera and features),  32 gigs of internal storage. 1 gig of application memory, up to 16 GB of additional storage with a microSD card, a slide out keyboard (you can use an onscreen one in lieu of or in addition to) , a huge touch screen interface, all the bells and whistles of an iPhone, and it runs Linux. LINUX. Maemo 5 to be exact. This is the phone for the hackers and geeks.

Want to add whatever applications and functionality that you want? You can. Want to use an app style store? You can (Ovi Store). Want to SSH in or out of your phone? Yeah, you can. Want to dual boot your phone with Android? Go right ahead! Want to compile code? Not a problem.  Want to hack your phone without violating a terms of service or add functionality without being sneaky about it? You can (maybe not on AT&T, I hear that they like to force phones to comply with approved install sources for apps).

The downfall is that the product needs more developers. Everyone seems to be forgetting about the platform and going gaga over Android and iPhone. It’s a shame really because this is just so much better. This is freedom. Are you a Linux developer? Get a crackin’ and push some of your eye candy this way!

What else can I say about this little gem? It’s from Nokia – which holds a lot of weight for me. I do love Nokia – I like the ability (even on my little candy bar XpressMusic) to add jar file apps. The platform is stable and the hardware is tough and reliable.

Other things I loved about the hardware:

  • TV out
  • Non-proprietary headphone jack
  • Easy peasy setup of Exchange, Gmail and Flickr
  • No tears for lost address books – popped in my SIM and off I went
  • Ability to add icons for not just apps but contacts right on the home screen
  • FM transmitter – played my tunes & podcasts through my radio with no additional hardware
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Wifi and 3G
  • Widgets (and anything else you want) on the home screen (four of them!!)
  • Dashboard interface to see what you have running on all your screens
  • System notifications are superb.
  • “Lens cap” for the camera – the sliding cap activates and deactivates the camera without needing to push any buttons.
  • Skype works amazingly well
  • Ogg support

Get one. You’ll fall in love with it. Want to read more? Check out the review at Engadget.

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  1. Oooh….That sounds like fun. I have been trying to figure out what phone to get next.

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