Photo by Ethan Hurd

When our oldest was in 8th grade the public school he attended sent home forms for career paths – maybe a dozen choices – and told us to plan his course schedule for the next 4 years according to our chosen pigeon hole. How he was supposed to plan for a career when his life thus far had been exposed to so little at thirteen years of age. In junior high I despised history thinking it to be the driest and least interesting thing I could ever be forced to study. Up until high school I had only been exposed to state approved American and Missouri State history lessons and frankly, it was terrible. By the time I entered college I discovered ancient and modern world histories and well written American history. That exposure turned me around on history forever. I may not have plans to become a historian but who knew how inspiring history could be.

People reinvent themselves as they go through life. I like to visualize people as katamari and we are just rolling around picking things up and letting things stick to us. As we grow we are exposed to more knowledge from schools, people we encounter and our own personal explorations. Reinvention is a natural process in our personal evolution. The information we have defines the choices we make.

How can a person know what they want to do if they don’t even know what there is to be done?

For the last few years I have started to take time on at least a weekly basis to reflect on things that are important to me and to shift my goals as required. Learning and self-reliance have always held a golden place at the top of my list.

I have learned:

…that while it’s true that you can catch more flies with honey it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice yourself in the process.

…that I learned more from my parents than I ever thought I possibly could.

…that learning what not to do is sometimes more important than what to do.

…not to be possessive of my ideas if it means that someone is inspired by them, improves them, and builds upon them.

…that it is my responsibility as a member of the human race to be productive and to contribute to my community.

…that no contribution is too small and that greed destroys communities.

…that being a woman doesn’t make me less of a person and having awesome homemaking skills is a strength not a weakness whether male or female.

…change is necessary even if not always welcome.

We are about to embark on a new adventure and I hope that I am able to  share it with you in the same vivid detail that I am about to live it.