What’s up?

I made a new hatThat is a loaded question. No srsly, it is. I could write 17+ blog posts about what I am going right this very minute. I have always been big on notebooks with project lists and to-dos but my to-do list is really out of control right now. I have lists with sublists and it’s all on paper because I love writing on paper. Please don’t tell me how you know of a product or work for a company or whatever that will make my to-do lists computerized and graphed – I LOVE paper!

Work is insane right now as we prepare for the fall semester. I am in the middle of a VMware infrastructure upgrade and adding new VMware products into the mix at the same time on top of a bunch of other new implimentations. The VMware projects are organized like a house of cards, if one project doesn’t run smoothly it is going to foul up the rest of them.

On the hobby front I have completed my DIY spinning wheel project (will blog about it more thoroughly another time) with only minor tweaks here and there being done.  I have been busy unraveling sweaters and cutting up t-shirts to respin into new and wonderful yarn. I have been trying to par down my pile of clothes to refashion and have completed a few projects that will go up into a new Etsy store. My biggest problem with my creative endeavors is that I always want to keep everything for myself and I am trying to convince myself that while these new finished objects are indeed awesome, I am better off selling them to fund my hobby habit so I can make more awesome things. I have been knitting and crocheting like a fiend too.

On the home front the garden is coming right along but the tomatoes are taking longer to ripen than we have patience for. We are battling the annual guinea pig summer mite outbreak like champs and surviving the seemingly weird weather we have been experiencing this summer in the midwest. I am still progressing with my slow move to a more sustainable life and we are also in the middle of another big home project but that is secret for now. Can’t give everything away yet.

On the family front I have 4 kids to enroll in 4 different schools (stupid yearly enrollment processes), school supplies to buy, school clothes and shoes to purchase and closets to purge.

I have had a couple of people ask me if I have stopped the technology thing and my answer is no. I am still a sysadmin but I do spend a whole lot less time sysadmin’ing at home than I used to. It just hasn’t been my priority but I help out anyone that asks whenever I can. I have gotten past the point in my life where I feel like I have to prove myself and besides, I just have better things to do with my free time than tinker with servers and run up my electric bill. I still keep up, I still support things, I am still reading about new technologies and I am still working on open source causes – I just am not really talking about it all that much.

So there you have it, my latest update. Lots going on in a pretty vague post but you know, I have things to do.