The ThinkGeek 2009 Sysadmin King/Queen Pagaent

What better way to honor your favorite sysadmin than through ThinkGeek!

In honor of SysAdmin Day (July 31st), we most proudly present ThinkGeek’s 2009 SysAdmin Pageant! Do you know a sysadmin King or Queen who saved the network from inevitable doom? How about the brilliant mail server admin who finally got those plighted African businessmen out of your inbox? Now you can finally say thanks in a way that he or she would actually appreciate: the title of SysKing or SysQueen, plus a $500 ThinkGeek gift certificate! And if your nominated sysadmin wins, you get a $250 ThinkGeek gift certificate, too. Hurry, our pageant ends July 24th – and we’ll announce the winner on Sysadmin Day – Friday, July 31st!

Nominate them now!