Complicated ramblings of a used-to-be podcaster

When I started out with the Alternageek podcast, I had no expectations of fame or fortune or well, anything. I didn’t even expect anyone to listen. Then I got one listener, then five, then 20. Every time the numbers went up it was a real thrill. I was reaching people and entertaining them and best of all, educating them. Oh I love to share knowledge. I am a strong advocate of everyone having access to the same information. Unbiased information.

My podcast had a lot of opinion, don’t get me wrong. I get adamant about what I think sometimes. But the facts, the FACTS need to be released. Opinion should ALWAYS be differentiated from facts and opinion should be based on facts – all of them – every side of the story. I do not support the mainstream media, I think they lie to people and only give the public the facts that they want them to know. They spin stories and leave pertinent information out. The breed ignorance. They are contributing to the dumbing down of my country. Honestly, it makes me want to cry when I think of the mountain of ignorance that we propagate. It is the saddest thing in the world to me. With knowledge people can bring themselves up and improve their situations. Those who aren’t self learners can rely on those that teach. Teachers who spin facts and withhold information should not be allowed to continue to teach. To clarify, by teachers I mean anyone who shares information with others, not necessarily those that are in paid instructional career positions. The propaganda machine sure doesn’t need any more preachers.

So anyway, I wanted to share information. Not because I had a sponsor, but because I wanted people to know and understand the important issues. I want people to be empowered! In fact, the only sponsors I had were in a battering system because a good friend of mine was able to hook me up with bandwidth or hosting space. I refused to spam my audience and website visitors with useless ads. Advertisements should be targeted and useful. Every podcast in the world seems to have that retarded Go To Meeting sponsor. Oh get over it and move on. Ack. Useless.

The work on the podcast was immense. Even tho my co-host took on the hours long editing responsibilities there was still the research and prep. Hours upon hours every day of finding stories and howtos then researching them to ensure I was providing accurate and useful information to my listeners. Then the emails and the IMs started coming in. I will not turn down someone who wants help nor will I turn down the opportunity for debate. I do love to talk, even if it is just email. Just forget Twitter, I think I am offending people because I miss their DMs, @s and other things they say.

I still have a day job. Oh, and I have four kids, seven pets, one husband, and ton of laundry and housework, and the list goes on and on household wise. I also garden in the summer because I try to be as self-sufficient as I can so I can avoid to mainstream garbage as well as teach my family valuable skills for the future. See, here we are back to teaching again.

Taking a look at the hobbies I have knitting, crochet, sewing, painting, crafts, refinishing furniture, upcycling thrift store finds… Here is even more teaching, I write howtos for all these things and have shared my knowledge of knitting and crochet and sewing to as many people as will listen. I am trying to build a stash of completed projects to list for sale at Etsy and I have people interested in my designs. Once again I have these hobbies so that I can try to be more self-sufficient. I sew my kids clothes, I mend them, I make my own, and I turn one person’s trash into my very own unique treasure.

Gee, I am rambling again.

Anyway, I miss podcasting. It would be freaking peachy if I had a producer, and editor, a sales manager for all the stupid monetising that needs to be done, and so on. I want to teach dang it. What would I teach/podcast about? No clue. It’s really rather complicated. How in the world do I combine all of these things which I love dearly and think everyone should know how to do into one show. How can I possibly talk tech and crafty things into one weekly show that both sides of the spectrum would listen to? Did I mention my day job and my house of noisy kids? I can only record at odd late night weekend times so that makes it even more difficult to add co-hosts or join other shows. Bah!

I am at a loss. Any ideas are welcome because I have no idea how to pull it off. I just want to teach.

P.S. I am a serious grammar freak and this post breaks more rules than I care to count. Please forgive me and realize that this is raw. So unlike me but oh so necessary.

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  1. Hey, I totally understand. I'm thinking about resurrecting my show as well for much the same reason, but I too have some of the same challenges. I've been waiting for the right time to jump back into things, but it just never seems like things fit together just right. Between working in a data center 45 + hours a week, attending school part time, and dealing with 6 pets, 1 child, and a home to help take care of, it seems impossible to consider, but after three back injuries, two knee injuries, one ankle, and a serious case of tendinitis in my elbow from the work I do now, I realize I work at the low-end of high-tech and I've got to do what ever I can to improve my life and still see to my own happiness too. There are people out there that need our help and I feel I've accomplished more by helping one person than I do building out an entire network of servers.

  2. I had something meaningful and thought provoking written out before but I lost it, so I'll try to keep it simple. I stopped my show for many of the same reasons you stopped yours and I too feel like I need to teach and help those that would benefit from my knowledge. I could forget it and move on, but I'd never shake the urge to try again, and I don't know if I want to live with that “what if” hanging over my head. That's my opinion however. You have your own and your own life to live. My advice is to follow your heart. If you can stop and not look back–then don't. But if you find yourself wondering “what if”, then give it another shot. There aren't many successful podcasters outside of the mainstream techtv crowd, but we can be just as tight of a community if we try. So if you start your show back up, I'll do what I can to support it, and if your format permits, contribute as well. When everyone supports each other it can only make the KC podcasting community better.

  3. This is part of why I stick to writing. I don't have time to LISTEN to podcasts much less produce one, but I've been doing technical writing on everything from car repair to electronics, programming to information security, and beyond.We recorded one episode about a year ago. It ended up being botched due to feedback. Now, every time my buddies and I think about podcasting, it sounds cool for about 10 minutes. Then we realize how much more work it is. The work that it takes to record it, produce it, edit it, and upload it eats into the time that any of us could be spending on researching and writing. That doesn't even start to touch on the fact that our schedules would have to all work out in order to record it together, even via skype.I miss the info from Alternageek, but the truth is I couldn't listen as often as I wish i could have. A daily or 3x weekly written brain dump seems so much more efficient to me.Best of luck in whatever you choose!

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