Quick update

Since you have been asking, the doctor is making headway. Test results came back with answers and I am actually quite thrilled that after 7 years my random pain and chronic headaches are no longer a mystery to suffer through. They have put me on a regimen of medications and physical therapy and while they cannot cure what ails me, they can treat it. I am already seeing the benefits to the treatments and I am doing much better. The best part is using the computer, sewing, knitting, and driving is no longer a torture session. Yay!

Look for a geeky craft tutorial coming next week. Sorry to tell you that you have to wait one more week for it but it is a gift for someone’s birthday and if I post it before they get it they will know what it is. 🙂

2 responses to “Quick update

  1. Glad to hear the medicine ball and springs workout is uh, working out for you, i'm more of a vibrating belt / Castor oil kind of guy. But no seriously that's great news being healthy kinda rocks.

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