Why I haven’t been blogging much…

For the last three (going on four) weeks I have had limited use of my arms. From the top of my biceps to the tip of my fingers I have had constant pain and if I move just the wrong way I get shooting lightening pain. I have been to the doctor and now the neurologist and am hopefully on my way to some answers. It wasn’t anything I did to injure anything. I literally went to bed during the week and woke up and no longer had the use of my arms. The least painful way to use them has been to keep them pinned against my sides and only raise them from the elbow. We have named this my “dinosaur arms” because I look like a T-Rex with its little tiny arms.

It has really been stinky because I haven’t been able to do any task for very long without being in excruciating pain. By the time I get off work after sitting at a desk all day I don’t want to start typing at home. I can’t knit for long and projects that shouldn’t take more than a few days are going to take a few months. I am honestly about to go stir crazy.

This week the neurologist ran nerve tests and said I have damaged nerves in both arms. They are thinking a virus attacked them. I am being scheduled for an MRI just to be sure.

Anyway, I hate talking about my “private life” but I don’t know how much longer this is going to carry on. Wearing arm braces  (like they have for carpal tunnel) on both arms has been pretty helpful. Yesterday was a good day for my arms, today not so much. It is really getting exhausting and I am missing things that I should be doing so I thought I would explain my absence.

Anyway, thanks for still stopping by and making comments on posts. I am glad you haven’t forgotten about me. Hopefully I will be 100% again soon. 🙂

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  1. well I hope things get better for ya…that would be tough as I know how much you enjoy computers and the web and such. you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Been some funny bugs about,same thing happened to me only that I blacked out.arms ache from time to time but wearing off.only thing we can do is rest… forget about computers/blogs etc for a while and take complete rest.. your health is no 1

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