Tackle It Tuesday – The Linen Closet

Tackle It Tuesday MemeI love a simple project – so why in the world did I put off the linen closet for so long?! It had come to the point that I loathed getting into it because I couldn’t find anything and everything was just jumbled all around. This project took less than an hour and I feel like I really accomplished something.

  • I refolded all the linens because they were so jumbled and messy that they had lost their folds.
  • I sorted sheet sets by size so I can easily find what I am looking for. It is easy to get the sets separated in a house with children. Kids wake up in the middle of the night ill or with an accident and if you are like me at 3am all you are thinking about is getting back to sleep. You pull the things out of the closet that you need to swap on their bed and in a day or so when you have laundered and reassembled their bed you have miss matched pieces to put away. I had just been shoving them into the closet just any old where and that is what led to my downfall.
  • I put all orphaned pillowcases that no longer have sheets in a pile by themselves. I really don’t think I need 14 backup pillowcases for emergencies so I might use some of these for more Charlie bags. It would be fun to have Harry Potter and Monsters Inc. shopping bags!
  • Although my youngest is now four years old, I am still not ready to part with the crib sized blankets because she still uses them to cuddle up with on the couch or to have a carpet picnic. I did purge all the crib sheets.
  • The Boppy nursing pillow is never going away, I still use it when I have a neckache and the kids use it to prop up on to watch TV.
  • At the bottom of the closet are pillow shams, curtains, and a few odds and ends that aren’t in use in the bedrooms but match the sets in them.

It feels great to get this closet straightened up, I feel kind of sheepish and silly that it took me so long to do it. Since I cleaned up everything in the closet I had room to move all the blankets I had in a giant storage tub in the hallway back into the closet. With no more unsightly storage tub in the hallway it gives me one less place to toss junk on top of.

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