I’m a nail biter – 100 Things

ever seen a cat biting his nails? by melancholy rose on flickrBoy howdy do I chew my nails – right down to the point where it hurts sometimes. Not really out of nervousness or something to do, it usually  starts because one gets snagged or something just as irritating and since I don’t carry enough girly things around with me I don’t have a nail file or other instrument handy so I just rip the nail off with my teeth. Once I have successfully fixed the problem nail I am then led down a long, dark, lonely path of having to repeat the procedure as soon as possible on all my nails because now they no longer match. It’s a vicious cycle that leaves me with a horrible looking manicure.

I know, ew. Thank goodness I wash my hands a lot.

This is post number nine in a series of 100 Things About Me.

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  1. Bath & Bodyworks carries these tiny nail files that are in a matchbook-sized case (like a little pack of matches). I carry those in my purse. I quit biting my nails in my early 30s by applying layers and layers of OPI's Nail Envy (nail hardener). The clear polish helped remind me not to chew on them. I'd put a layer on every night for a few nights. Anyway, those are my tricks. 😉 (and I have nail files in my car, my pencil holder at work, and in about every room at home)

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