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Image Crafts from margaridasardo at Flickr used via CCI LOVE to make things – just about any kind of things with the exception of scrapbooks (I will never understand the whole addiction to scrapbooks). I like to crochet, loom knit, paint (canvas & crafty stencil things), sew, quilt, glue, glitter, and all other sorts of stuff. The problem is I don’t follow instructions well. I read them, but rarely follow them. I prefer to see the end product picture or sketch that usually comes with instructions then I change it to my liking and build my own instruction set as I go. I just like to create and I use patterns & instructions more for inspiration.

This year I made a pledge not to buy already made gifts. I have been making everything I have gifted this year because I am tired of the hassle that comes with shopping for people. It usually winds up with buying something that someone *might* like because it is in my price range. For the kids, I have always made their gifts (Santa brings the other junk they ask for). Every year they are guarenteed to have a new blanket, scarf, pajamas, stuffed toy, or other homemade thing under the tree and they *always* ask to be able to open it on Christmas Eve and that makes me feel good. They enjoy the homemade and know that time was spent on making it and they cherish it. At least my craftiness has instilled at least one good trait on the children. 🙂

Homemade items are personal and take time and if someone makes something for you, it is way more valuable than anything they could have grabbed at the mall. If someone took the time to make something for you with their own hands (even if it is just a tea mix, card, or letter) then they consider the relationship you have important enough to spend time on.

This is post number seven in a series of 100 Things About Me.

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  1. Good thinking. On top of it being cheap and neat, it also is a great way for people to remember you. If someone took the time to make me something I will not throw it away.

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