#4 – I don’t like suburbia – 100 Things About me

Suburbia Winter Sunrise by uninspired-clicks on Flickr

There are several reasons I don’t like existing in suburbia and most of it all revolves around the robotic nature of those that choose to live there. The same vanilla houses, the same vanilla families, the same vanilla preaching, and the same flavorless goals. There is little independent thought and that is the expectation. Listen to their messages, they are the same monotonous drone. Finding friends and families that are not on the same brainwave pattern is like panning for gold in a trickling stream. ‘Tis the nature of the beast I suppose but it gets really old. I find that living in suburbia can be depressing.

This is post number four in a series of 100 Things About Me.

4 responses to “#4 – I don’t like suburbia – 100 Things About me

  1. Yes, but there's lots and lots of poorly secured wifi networks to poke around in, at least in my version of suburbia. Other than that, you are correct, everything is too much the same.

  2. It's really not that bad… what you put on the inside is what counts.I know a lot of people with colorful tattoos, who are dim and lacking creativity on the inside. And therefore, as boring to me as the suburbs could be to a dweller of faceless cities, or neighbor-less expanses of wilderness.

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