Working towards a free OpenMoko

OpenMoko FreeRunnerI have been anxiously awaiting the latest OpenMoko phone and have been excited about it’s ongoing development. If you are unfamiliar with OpenMoko, it is a company developing open source hardware & software for mobile phones. Around before the Google Android project, it has been striving to get it’s product out as a stable release. The first shipments to North America went out just a short time ago and the device has been selling out from the direct store. Just think, an open source phone that you can take with you to other cellular providers and you are *allowed* to do what you want with. In fact, you are *encouraged*.

An OpenMoko distrubutor, Koolu, is offering a free phone for Google Apps referrals. Basically I can earn my own free OpenMoko FreeRunner by referring 25 people to register for the Premier Edition of Google Apps (pay for service) or 100 people to sign up for FREE Google Apps through the Koolu web site. The sign up process for Google Apps only takes 3 minutes and requires no purchase, registration or verifying of a domain (web site).

In other words, you don’t have to buy anything or even own a domain name to help me earn one of these delicious phones.

Just use this link to sign up and help me earn a free open phone:

or the TinyURL if you would rather:

Please pass this link on. I will post the progress here.