WordPress 101 Video from PodCamp MidWest 2008

TechMonkey from Alternageek and I did a two WordPress presentations a few months ago at PodCamp MidWest and LaneVids was there streaming and recording. He recently posted the flash video online and I am including it here for you in case you missed it at Alternageek.

WordPress 101

2 responses to “WordPress 101 Video from PodCamp MidWest 2008

  1. Nice one. Too bad the camera doesnt show screen and presenters.
    The presentation is well done for WP beinners.
    Is it that pixelated by intent or by a low-quality camera ?

  2. I am guessing the pixelation is a combination of low quality, lighting, distance, and compression for flash/web video. I didn’t record it or output it so I can’t really tell you. I didn’t meet Lane in person until later on in the day so his recording the session was not planned, I was just happy to get a copy documented because I didn’t think we would.

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