Free Reusable Shopping Bags

I know, this has nothing to do with gadgets or computers but many supporters and pro-open source users are especially fond of ways to be green and I am certainly one of them. On those grounds I wanted to make sure that you stop by Wal-Mart on April 19, 2008 starting at 8am local time and pick up your free reusable shopping bag. Wal-Mart is giving away one million reusable bags as part of Earth Month. I have a love hate relationship with Wal-Mart but giving away reusable shopping bags earned this PSA.

2 responses to “Free Reusable Shopping Bags

  1. Great!
    I always criticize Walmart for it’s business choices, but lately they been investing huge efforts to promote their image.

    Let’s see how it works out though… But of course, as I see it, they wouldn’t do it if didn’t earn them some bucks in long/short run.

    Who will ever go to a shop to get a free shopping bag without buying anything? Certainly not many.

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