Donate for plugins and help a gal out

While searching for the means to combat the spam attacks that hit my WordPress blogs on a daily basis I was led to the site VilliageIdiot. What I found were some awesome tips (I was looking for htaccess rewite rules) and lots of nifty plugins for WordPress. What I also found was that the site owner has been involved in a nasty legal battle that could have happened to just about anyone I know. She is now in debt $35,000 to lawyers who worked to prove her innocence after being named in a “John Doe” case.

Check out Her site, read the tips, and review the plugins. If you found the site as useful as I did, please consider donating to help her with her legal fees and as a nice gesture to return a little bit to someone who provides all these awesome things that help us run our sites a little better. Every amount helps. Got a dollar? Consider sharing it. It will get you good Karma points in the long run. 😉

Note: My deepest apologies for the original post which I mistakenly called her a dude. ;P Even MORE reason to share the love- geek chicks RULE!