No Gphone

Despite all of the very interesting speculation over the last few months, we’re not announcing a Gphone. However, we think what we are announcing — the Open Handset Alliance and Android — is more significant and ambitious than a single phone. In fact, through the joint efforts of the members of the Open Handset Alliance, we hope Android will be the foundation for many new phones and will create an entirely new mobile experience for users, with new applications and new capabilities we can’t imagine today.

This is the word from the Official Google Blog .

Bet you good money it won’t make my Sidekick3 any less crappy. At least I won’t have to change carriers. 😉

4 responses to “No Gphone

  1. I have to admit I was looking forward to a google phone but hey the whole open source thing could still be pretty kool for mobile phones.


  2. I am actually extremely excited about this… it’s so much better than a GPhone. Google always keeps a good sense of balance in things and it seems that what they do always keeps a single company from ruling the world — something that is much needed. This announcement means that every cell phone company is going to have to step up to the plate and actually do something and, most importantly, make it open so that it can be changed.

    Is it possible to elect a company as President of The United States? 😉

  3. I know what it is,

    and it is beautiful, LOL. &I know how to work on it. Though I’d rather code something for it. Admin &hardware work tend to lead to migraines &an angry uberChick. Not a good thing… not for any one

  4. Argh… openID login redirected me here…

    So ignore my last comment: I’ve posted it where it belongs. But now that I’ve noticed this post…

    I’m not surprised, nor disappointed, that there’s no G-Phone. I hadn’t expected one. There’s just no good reason for Google to get into hardware manufacturing(even w/a partner).

    I have downloaded the SDK though, and its a sugary sweet software stack. &With how open it is I’m personally looking forward to developing for this platform. Finally a mobile device that I can develop for, minus Nokia’s few Linux based UMPC.

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