SugarStats and Twitter help you keep track of your diabetes

Of all the practical purposes for web 2.0 that have popped up, I am finding that the health industry utilizing it is one of the more interesting of markets lately. As an extreme Twitter fiend with my text messaging totaling over 10,000 SMS messages last month third party Twitter tools is nothing new to me. I was surprised to find however, that should I be diabetic, I could track my habits and blood sugar readings via Twitter and

Per their site, SugarStats makes it simple to track, monitor and share your blood sugar levels and other key statistics to help you manage your diabetes online. Having seen the effects of diabetes and the work that can go into maintaining your health I can see this service being very valuable to people that have busy or active lifestyles. If you use Twitter, you can also send a direct message to their service Twitter name containing your stats plus optional comments. The stats get imported into your SugarStats account along with the comments and the date and time the message was received.

No more forgetting what your glucose levels were, worrying about a dead battery in a blood meter whipping out your history, or having a pad and pen handy for jotting notes down. Most people carry their cell phones with them everywhere they go and by using Twitter and SugarStats they will also always have a place to keep their records. Especially handy is the comments for noting at the time exactly how you are feeling, eating, or doing.

SugarStats has also integrated a social networking type option within their service. You could share your stats, collaborate, and exchange messages with those you share with. At the very least this might be valuable for your doctor. Graphs and trends are created from your data so that you can easily visualize your history.

Not a Twitter fan? You can also send your stats to your SugarStats account via email or their mobile web through your phone or PDA browser.

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  1. Hey Christa,

    Thanks for the writeup, much appreciated 🙂 Its been so crazy and busy for us and we’ve got a ton of great stuff in store for the future. The Twitter feature has been a huge success, I use it daily.

    Sometimes I wish I could snap my finger and have a few more Rails developers and Debian admins at my disposal 😀

    Nice blog, the projects you’re working on seem interesting too. Welcome to my RSS reader 😉 You’ll probably find me adding you as I’m on the same sites. Thanks again and take care.

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