Gnome on your phone

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A free GNOME-based Linux distribution for mobile devices such as smartphones and PDAs has achieved a major release. OpenedHand’s Poky Linux 3.0 (“Blinky”) is based on X11, GTK+, and the Matchbox window manager, and includes an impressive-looking new application framework and theme called “Sato 0.1.”

The new “Blinky” release of Poky is based on X11/GTK+/Matchbox, much like the Nokia-sponsored project. However, in place of the proprietary Hildon GUI layer, it includes a new “Sato 0.1” component described by OpenedHand as, “a simple fast GTK+ based PDA/Smartfone fully featured theme and application framework.” The screenshots below show Sato 0.1 in action.

Visit the post to see the rest of the screenshots. They are very fancy…