Odiogo: Generating podiocasts for your blog

I signed the Linuxchic.net site up today for Odiogo. Odiogo “automatically generates podiocasts from textual content structured in RSS feeds. The end-result is a high-fidelity computer-generated voice file”. Swanky. Basically I sign up for free as a blogger and tell it where to find my RSS feed, it then takes my posts and converts them into audio files so they are like “mini podcasts” or what they call podiocasts. I added their WordPress plugin to put a listen button on the top of each post and pointed it to my Odiogo feed number. I now have an RSS feed with text AND audio as well as a fancy subscription page with ready made links. There is a little ad at the start of each audio file, but hey, it is free. I was impressed with the clarity of the computer generated voice. It remains to be seen how it handles all those Web 2.0 names. Try it out and let me know what you think!