No BlogHer 2007 for me but that’s ok because I have friends

The competition to win a trip to BlogHer 2007 from Scrapblog is over and unfortunately I was not a winner. Not even so much as a lousy t-shirt. Another gal won the trip thanks to her 4000 pageviews and it is pretty obvious that she has a much larger network that I do. I’m not bitter about that (though I am impressed) because I learned that I do indeed have a ton of friends on the social networks I have joined and participated in and what I lack in quantity I surely make up for with quality. Most of the people I communicate with on a daily basis are on more than one social network and because of that I have gotten to know them as more than just voices… they are pretty neat people.

I hear about their daily adventures, emotions, thoughts and frustrations on Twitter. I see little moments of their lives thanks to the photos they share on Flickr. I read more detailed posts about interests, causes and hobbies on their blogposts at Vox, Virb and privately owned domains. I know what music moves them thanks to their streams. They share small excerpts of things the find on the web through the Tumblr and Pownce shares and tags. With Facebook apps I can even find out that they too are members of LibraryThing and some of their books are pretty darn interesting so I might add their selections to my library as well.

It was these total “strangers” on the internet that clicked on my Scrapblog and graciously put up with my cheesy slideshow and listened to the silly (and some thought more than slightly annoying) music repeatedly in order to help me earn entries into a competition (thank you!!). It is these people who let me know when my website has taken a crap or give me tips on improving my podcast. It is these total strangers, many of whom I share my life with in 140 characters or less and that for the large part have never met, that I can now consider friends all over the US and even the world.

These were more than random pageviews, these were clicks from people I have gotten to know and that I communicate with everyday. I must come to the conclusion that my life has been enriched by social networking because of the positive impact these “strangers” have had on my life already.

I think my toddler’s upset stomach has subsided enough that we can safely return to bed and dreamland with minimal discomfort and I can stop writing posts at 3 am. Please excuse the podcast release delay for; the podcast is recorded but I have some editing to do and being in VMware training this week has slowed me down a bit.

2 responses to “No BlogHer 2007 for me but that’s ok because I have friends

  1. Oh, bad to hear. I did my best.
    Reminds me of the Twitter Guy (Darius .. somehow) who friended me. But guess only to increase his friends list (he has 10,000+) – nice number but worthless in my opinion.
    As in real life – better 1-10 real friends that 200+ “some” people that me know 😉

  2. I am sorry we could not select multiple winners. in appreciation for your participation, we will send you a Scrapblog t-shirt for you and another for your toddler. Please, send us an email to feedback(at) with your sizes and address.

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