Blogging from the command line


While podcasting and video blogging are all the rage, many people still prefer the simplicity of the typed word for expressing themselves online — that is, a blog. However, popular blogging platforms like WordPress and Movable Type can be tough to configure and maintain. On the other hand, you might not want to use an online service like Blogger or TypePad because you want complete control over your blog. If you’re not afraid of the command line, take a peek at Bash Blogger. As its name implies, this application is a bash script that automates all of your blogging tasks (aside from writing, of course).

Bash Blogger’s shell scripts come in a 36KB archive. After you download it, extract the archive somewhere in your path, then run the script bblog_setup, which will create a directory containing Bash Blogger’s configuration file and a bunch of supporting files. If all goes well, the installation should take only a few seconds.

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3 responses to “Blogging from the command line

  1. oh that is so sweet! I think the only thing kooler then finding stuff i can do on my cell rather then on my computer is finding stuff I can do with bash.

    been using bashpodder to grab my podcasts and vidcasts.

    will have to check this little bugger out!! 😀

    thanks for the link


  2. I am not exactly sure how to use Feedburner because I have never used it. The URL for’s RSS feed is . If there is a place to insert that URL manually, you could do it that way. In the meantime, I will research adding a Feedburner button on the site.

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