Remember the Milk is nice, if you finish setting it up

I finally got around to setting up a Remember the Milk account. I needed something I could manage my todo lists in that didn’t suck as much as Outlook 2007 (I have to use Outlook at work) but that I could still see and manage on my SK3 when I am mobile (which can be the better part of my day sometimes). Enter Remember the Milk. It’s a pretty nice service with the ability to specify locations (I don’t know that I care too much about that right now), integration with my Google Calendar (whoop whoop), and I can have a bunch of specific lists to contain all the todos so I don’t have to have crazy long titles for my tasks. I only seem to be having one issue; now that all the categories are made, alerts are configured, and locations are defined I have no energy to put in my tasks. 😛

Remember the Milk

One response to “Remember the Milk is nice, if you finish setting it up

  1. I also like remember the milk…I have played around with it but just need to get motivated enough to get all my info in there too…hehe


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