It’s time to get the girls back in the game

Since returning to the Kansas City area I am met with a wall of internal frustration. Where did all the women’s user groups go? Where are all the pro science, math, and technology girls programs? I used to run a local Web Girls chapter and attempted to keep a local group of women’s linux users afloat, but they seem to have all disappeared. I really thought things were changing. It seemed that everytime I turned around there was a new summer or after school program for girls elementary through high school age doing something with math or science or computers. As a Girl Scout leader the opportunities for my girls were endless! Girls were the majority of my enrollments in the College for Kids computer classes. It was exciting and I had great hopes.  I moved away three years ago confident that the trend had finally turned.

Where we have been residing for the last several years science class isn’t even an option until sixth grade! I moved my family back to Kansas City not only for my love of the area but for the opportunities my daughters and sons would have here. Unfortunately I have been met with huge disappointment. Reading a KC parenting magazine I picked up at a restaurant today the only classes I could find for the girls were ballet, gymnastics, cooking, and scrapbooking. Ack! Were has all the science gone?!?! As far as I could tell from the end of the school year we don’t even have Science Olympiad any longer and I discovered my children had never even had a field trip to the Kansas City Science Museum.

I am at a loss. What can I do to reverse this new trend?! I will begin by contacting the local colleges about College for Kids courses again and looks like I will start developing some new material. I will put out a call for a few new users groups even if it means that between all this I won’t have weekends to myself. There appears to be women in business and women as business owners organizations and events here but that just isn’t specialized enough. What we need are more events for women in technology and not just computer technology, we need to include all sciences. Where do I start? I cannot just sit here and do nothing.

Any ideas my visitors and readers can offer will be greatly appreciated. You can post a comment or email me directly at