The Web 2.0 Web server is Lighttpd

As you may have heard the web has come into the 2.0 stage. There are many opinions and differences of opinion as to what and how the web has changed. Discussions on the subject mostly surround use of technology and habits that have been around for a long time. Javascript and AJAX seem to rise to the top of any pile of topics. But the topic of how the new Web 2.0 technology influences the server-side of things never seems to come up much.

This article covers some interesting points about Lighttpd with regards to AJAX and FastCGI. Since my first introduction to it, I have found I prefer it over Apache if fo no other reason than the fact it isn’t as bloated.

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One response to “The Web 2.0 Web server is Lighttpd

  1. Well, as no full time web professional I still enjoy the ease of LAMP or WAMP …

    And the (A)pache ist only 25% of that. I am wondering if this will happen to Lighttdp too (including OTHER tools than being only a http server).

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