IT industry: Unwilling to recruit women?


Women are finding it more difficult to break into the IT profession than to progress up the career ladder once they have their foot in the door, research has found.

In a survey of 100 female IT professionals by IT training company The Training Camp, 67 percent said it’s more difficult to even get into the industry as a woman than to gain subsequent promotions once they have secured a tech job.

Once they are gainfully employed in IT, 52 percent of women felt they could move up the career ladder quickly compared to other industries.

Claire Taylor, a systems administrator at software and services company APT Solutions who has worked in the IT industry for seven years, said although she has found it relatively easy to progress in her IT career, when she started going for IT job interviews she came up against an attitude of companies being “less willing to employ women”.

A side note that I want to mention… IT is getting better about then men v. women ratio however, when I went to college, there were even less women in the technology industry. My college had a special program to assist students with expenses if they were women working on a career in a predominately male dominated field (i.e.: automotive, welding…) IT was NOT considered one of them and to my knowledge still isn’t. How sad.

I have never hit a road block getting a position after I was granted an interview but I wonder how many interviews I wasn’t given because I am a woman. Although employers are prohibited by law from asking certain things of candidates, I never felt comfortable using that excuse when I wanted a job. Most interviews I have been in I had to spend a large amount of time explaining how I was going to be able to cover the long and unpredictable hours that come with a sysadmin job while being a mother and wife. I know that attendance is a major factor when looking to hire someone, but I am curious how many men have experienced this line of questioning and how much time was devoted to it if they did.

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