Safari On Windows – Now what?!

Safari On Windows – The First Screenshot

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I downloaded the Safari Public Beta today for Windows and installed the Mac OS native browser. Now what? It is kinda ugly and I don’t see why I would want to use it over Firefox?! Anyone?

Although I do have to say that anything that might get IE less use is a good thing.

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  1. I installed Safari on my Windows box running XP SP2. I had no crashes and it is very stable. Why use Safari over FF? Well, Safari is much faster it is very very fast. It also renders images and fonts better. Safari handles multimedia better too. It takes just a few seconds for Safari to start and it is really small (8 MB). Firefox was ok at first but it became kind of heavy just like IE/ I really love Safari on my Wintel. Try play with it more and you will see. There are reports from users that Safari beta crashes on Windows when used US version of Windows with different regional setting but I did not have any issues whatsoever.

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