I don’t know if I just had my eyes open to moblog possibilities this weekend or if iThings are really taking over the world, but it seems that there are way too many iThings out there now-a-days.

iFan I found the iFan at Wal-Mart. When searching the web I found info about it as a user submitted stupid gadget at Gizmodo. Awesome.

Shopping at Best Buy over the weekend, I found more iThings.

First, the iWash  iWash

iDry  Next, the iDry.

Apparently these are intelligent laundry machines by Frigidaire.

iChillThe last item I saw really wasn’t so shocking. It’s a take off the iDog and manufactured by the same company; the iCY. It’s cute and I want it because it would be good for my penguin collection even if I refuse to give up my Creative mp3 player and follow the trendy iPod people.