Things I Love III – My Commute

Part three in a series about things I love. 

I love my commute. There is an occassion a few times a month when I wish I could get home faster but overall I like my drive to and from work. It takes me an average of 30 minutes to get in every morning and about 45 minutes to get home every night if there are no accidents to slow me down. I use the time to listen to podcasts and to make mental lists. I use the time to make plans about my websites and blogs. It is my “ramp up to work” time and “wind down” from work time.

I gripe a lot at discourteous annoying drivers, crazy out of control drivers and slow people who make my commute last longer than it should. I dump all my stress and aggressions out through those expletive filled outbursts within the safety of my car and arrive to my destination ready for what lies ahead.

For the last three years I had lived in a rural area and had a five minute commute to pretty much anywhere in town. I hated it. I love the city with it’s congested roads and interstates and how it forces me to spend time alone in my car. I love my daily commute. I hope I never have to carpool, I would hate to lose my “me time”.

Sorry it has been a few weeks since I started this series. I have been synchronizing my posts between Vox and and I think I need to separate them again. will go back to being mostly techie, with the exception of a few posts series such as this one and Vox will be for mostly other types of posts. I am also going to stop the Twitter updates from my blog because frankly, I don’t think it follows Twitter etiquette  to tell the whole world every time I link to a story I like.  If you want to follow me on Twitter and read where I am, what I am eating, and other random things I might be doing, visit my Twitter page and add me. I also feed my Twitter updates to Jaiku.