The bug lady

As originally posted on my Vox blog:

While I was sitting in a lunch meeting today, I got the inspiration to gripe. So here I am, thumb typing away during a meeting pretending to take notes but instead writing a blog post. What passion could I possibly experience during a meeting you ask? Eating habits.

I could not redirect my attention from a vendor sitting directly in my line of sight at the conference table. Watching her take each bite was like staring at an accident…I was grossed out but couldn’t stop watching. Each bite she took of her chicken salad she puckered her lips into an *O* then stuck her tongue out to meet the fork still 1/2 inch or more from her mouth. I felt like I was watching a bug feeding habits documentary on the Discovery Channel complete with some guy narrating in my head.

The luncheon left me wondering where she learned to eat like this? Did her parent’s do this? Does she have dental issues causing her to attempt to suck up her food with her tongue? Perhaps it is an attempt to save her lipstick? Maybe I will start Googling when I get back to my desk… or maybe I need to start paying attention to meeting contents rather than bug people.