Skinny Rant

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What about us skinny people?

There have been a lot of comments flying around about the No, I’m Just Fat post over the last several weeks. Everyone is happy for the overweight who aren’t folding into the peer pressure and are showing they are happy and have self esteem. Don’t get me wrong, I marked it as good too. I was applauding the post. My problem? I am not fat, I am skinny. So what? So, I am sick of people telling me that I make them sick.

I like the weight that I am (121 lbs and 5’5′) but it hurts my self-esteem to like it. Why? Because some people feel the need to comment that they feel that I am too skinny. And someone somewhere comments almost on a daily basis. I am actually perfectly healthy and in my ideal weight range, thanks anyway. So I hear how what I eat makes people mad… I am a crazy healthy eater… I prefer veggies over all else and people accuse me of “dieting” when I eat what I want. This comment on my eating habits is meant to be derogatory and is meant to put me down. I am called anorexic, “Nichole Ricci”, told I can’t go outside when it is windy because I might blow away, asked if I shop in the children’s department… etc.

I don’t tell people who are overweight that they make me sick, so why would they say that to me?

It killed my self-esteem so badly listening to this garbage my whole life that for a while I became anorexic thanks to poor body image and the depression it put me in. I responded to the depression by not eating… not because I thought I was fat, but because I was sad all the time.

I shouldn’t be afraid to be proud of my figure because I will get rude comments and sneers, but sometimes I am. I notice these from perfect strangers… in fact, they have come right up to me and told me to eat something.

So there, I am skinny and I am just as irritated.

End rant.

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  1. I think it really is true that the majority of derogitory remarks are out of envy or jealousy. I havent seen many pictures of you but from the ones I have seen, I think your husband is a very lucky man…. and, really, does it matter what anyone other than him thinks of you? You’ve already found the one so don’t fret over it…

    No matter who people are there will always be people that don’t like who they are — so be yourself and be happy. Eat what you like and live life to the fullest. Nothing else really matters.

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