Things I Love: Post 2

I love thunderstorms. The smell and feeling right before it rains and the air is thick with humidity. The smell of the warm pavement as it starts to get wet. The darkness that is penetrated only by the small circle of light cast by reading lamp as I curl up with my knees to my chest in my chair to watch the storm roll in. The bright flashes of lightning as it threatens the ground below it. The powerful crashes of thunder when the booms shake my home and rattle my windows. The wind as it pushes my porch swing into moving with the storm’s rhythm.

One response to “Things I Love: Post 2

  1. Thank God spring is starting because I can not wait for those thunderstorms. Growing up in farm land in southwestern PA gave some great opportunities to sit on the porch and just enjoy the thunderstorm. As crazy as it sounds, when I lived in Florida for a while I totally enjoyed my first hurricane…. while everyone was worried the Epcot ball may go rolling down I-4, I was relaxed and enjoying it.

    Did I mention I can’t wait?

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