Dental Surgery Today – Ick

Feel my pain! =) Today I had the joy of having all my wisdom teeth yanked out at once. The glorious part was I was knocked out cold. Of course, I don’t really remember much even after waking up until now. It hurts, but not as bad as I thought it would, it is more uncomfortable than painful. I think I could have gone to work tonight, but my dentist said absolutely not. =( Perhaps I am just way to dedicated haha.
Here I sit instead, looking for something to moderate comments on my website to stop the mass of porn spam I got today on my Yummy post and looking for other things to do why I sit here on my tail end. Post surgery instructions mandate that I am not to walk around for the next 24 hours without adult supervision. How retarded. Ah well, my husband is doing wonderfully playing the part of my nurse. I couldn’t ask for better! =) Look for some more posts tonight, got nothing better to do! I have considered posting a pic of my icky nasty gaping holes in the mouth where my teeth were, and if I get a few more pain meds in me, I might just do that. Be warned! MUHAHAHAHA. =0