Misleading theme names…sound cool, look like crap.

09/22/06 12:27AM UPDATE!!
I found a theme that has three columns and totally doesn’t suck. It not only doesn’t suck, it totally kicks ass! How do you like? Get it for your own WP site here

Lets start this post off with a disclaimer. I cannot design my way out of a cardboard box. There. Now, back to my original question: Why do WordPress theme names sound so awesomely cool, but look like total crap? Admittedly, not all of them do, but a lot of them do. I was trying to find some uber leet theme for my site and I click on all these misleading names (I refuse to name any thanks) only to find the theme is ugly. Fugly even. Or worse, boring.

What a let down to get all excited over some fancy “im-so-cool-i-cut-myself” theme name and I come to find out it is black text on a white background with some hula dancer on the side or something. Not even intentionally dorky, or “i’m-a-dork-therefore-i-am-cool” leetness. Nope, just blah. Have I set my standards too high? *sigh Please oh please don’t make me try to do this part myself. I have mastered the widget creating, I sooo don’t have time to figure out themes. Please if you know of one full of “uber-misunderstood-rebel without a cause-leetness”, share it with me?!?!? =)