Death by Caffeine…

According to the Energy Fiend this is what it would take of my favorite caffeinated items to meet my end (calculated by using the amount of caffeine in these items and my weight):

  • 81.22 Foosh Energy Mints + Me = Death
  • After 58.01 cans of Monster, I’d be pushing up daisies.
  • I could drink 70.02 cups of Starbucks Grande Cappuccino before croaking.
  • I could drink 102.81 cans of SoBe Adrenaline Rush before croaking.
  • It would take 62.48 cans of Starbucks Double Shot to put me down.
  • It would take 1,624.35 Black Black Gum sticks to put me down.
  • Gulp down 56.01 cups of Drip Coffee and I’m history.
  • Gulp down 112.80 cans of Jolt Cola and I’m history.
  • Gulp down 541.45 cups of Green Tea and I’m history.
  • It would take 105.48 shots of Espresso to put me down.
  • 147.67 cans of Mountain Dew + Me = Death.
  • Gulp down 108.29 cans of Mountain Dew Amp and I’m history.

The top three would be my favorite ways to die! =)