Nifty Wiki

Helping a friend find a wiki for his site today, he found this: TiddlyWiki. It is ONE file. Yes folks, you heard right ONE. The download page (well, not page, I dunno what the heck it is) says this:

Because TiddlyWiki is a single HTML file, you’ve actually already downloaded the entire software just by viewing this site.


7 responses to “Nifty Wiki

  1. Ah finally πŸ™‚
    BTW: Have merci with us 1280×1024 screen users … there’s lots of unused space …

  2. eol.ruin: About the 1280Γ—1024 users… my resolution is 1440 X 900 on my laptop. This site is seen as designed and not designed for lower resolutions. The unused space is intentional. Sparse, minimal, and clean. Sorry to hear you find it painful.

  3. Well, painful was maybe the wrong word. Fortunately modern browsers can scale now. And tbh I am impressed as this site scales very well thx to the “space” in between. Not many other sites do that. Gratulations.

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