Monster high

So, I am running on a Monster Energy Drink high tonight (I have gone 2 more than the recommended 3 – not too bad). w00t! Creating a new site, looking for a few good articles to post to other blogs, themes, plugins, all kinds of crap! Got a few good wordpress plug-ins you want to recommend? Post a comment. Nifty themes? Post a comment. Anything else on your mind? You know the drill, post a freaking comment! 🙂 Yeah, you have to sign up for an account, get over it.
What else am I up to? Oh yeah, talked to a friend of mine I haven’t talked to in YEARS. He has moved clear across the country. Kinda neat when you get time to catch up with old friends that you have known for awhile but lost track of…
Well, back to burning off this energy, keep on truckin’! HAHAHA.