Ex-husbands suck

That says it all. I hear men complain all the time about ex-wives taking everything in the divorce. What you don’t hear about are the deadbeat ex-husbands that take it all. I was divorced from my ex-husband five years ago. He got my house, he got the furniture, he kept the kids baby pictures, he kept their toys, the appliances, the bank accounts. He ran up the credit cards that were in my name. What did I get? I got my beautiful children, thank goodness, and all the debt. I am still going through the courts as I get sued for debts he was ordered to pay but never did. I didn’t even get child support.
I am the one that gets garnished for these debts. They take my entire paycheck by garnishing my bank account on payday rather than garnishing my income. I am left scrambling for the next month while all my checks bounce (they are not required to notify you until after the fact) and I struggle to beg money from my family so that I can purchase groceries. Forget pride, I had to sell that a long time ago.
I can’t find him to collect, not that he has a job anyway. He comes out of the woodwork just long enough every few years to fight my lawyer on the adoption my current husband tries for. He hasn’t seen or spoken to the kids in 5 years. Not only does he not pay child support (the Courts didn’t even order him to do so) he doesn’t send birthday cards or gifts. He does tell my lawyer that their step-father can adopt them over his dead body before moving again and disappearing. Apparently the courts doesn’t consider this abandonment.
The courts also inform me that since the credit card debts were in my name that even though he was ordered to pay them in the order of divorce, they are my problem and I must pay them. My only legal recourse is to sue him. Of course that would mean I have to know where he is, and it doesn’t matter anyway because he will never pay. He got off scott free with no reponsibilities, all the property, and none of the bills. Every now and again, he opens an account in my name with satellite, cell phone or utility companies and then of course, I am stuck with the debt when he fails to pay them. he even dug through my trash once and stole my bank account number which he took money from. The police department told me that was just too bad.
One bad choice, a lifetime of pain.